Wordament on Windows 8

Did you used to be able to play, and now suddenly you can’t? “WHAT HAPPENED!?!” Believe us, we know how you feel. We’ve been discovering recently that Trend Micro Titanium anti-virus is blocking access from a Windows computer to both Wordament Web BETA and Wordament Windows 8. If you have that product, we recommend you disable it. Windows 8 already includes built in protection with Windows Defender.

Wordament iOS

Cannot Sign-in

After starting Wordament on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, you are presented with the Xbox sign-in screen. If you enter your Microsoft Account user name and password and can’t sign in, then it means that you don’t have a free Xbox account associated with your Microsoft Account.

To resolve this:

  1. Navigate to http://www.xbox.com/ and sign-in with your Microsoft Account credentials.
  2. Select the region and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. A random Xbox Gamertag is created and displayed under Your Account Summary.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Start Wordament.

Wordament doesn’t support my iPhone 5

Wordament runs fine on iPhone 5, but we don’t yet use the full resolution of the device. We will be delivering an update with this functionality soon. In the mean-time, enjoy the game!

Wordament Windows Phone

Wordament will not connect

If you’re having trouble connecting; first, we’re sorry and want to help you play.
You should be able to connect to Wordament in 4 easy steps:

1. Check that you have internet access on the device by trying to view a web page in Internet Explorer. Assuming that is working, please go double check that Xbox LIVE is enabled on your device. Here is a post on how to do that.

2. Sometimes the Xbox LIVE service needs a forced refresh. In the Xbox LIVE HUB, swipe over to the Xbox LIVE pivot where your avatar is, tap on the ellipse at the bottom right corner and tap refresh. This should update your Xbox LIVE settings. Then try running Wordament again.

3. If it’s still not working check that your phone’s date+time settings are correct. Go to Settings->Date+time. It may be necessary to manually set your date and time for Xbox LIVE to refresh properly.

4. If all of the above were correct for you, and you still can’t connect- try turning the power to your phone off, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on. This will clear a condition with Xbox LIVE where your account is stuck. This fixes 99% of all issues not associated with the above.

Connection problems can also be caused if you have recently changed your password on the account you use for Xbox LIVE.  The games hub needs to be updated with the correct password in order for Wordament or other Xbox LIVE games to function correctly.

If you still aren’t connecting we would like to hear from you. Wordament@microsoft.com

My name is something like player1234, can I change it?

On a Windows Phone you can setup a gamertag by following the instructions here.

Unlocking an Achievement still plays a sound even though I turned sound off

Unfortunately, Wordament code can’t control the Achievement sound level in the same way that it can’t control your ring tone volume.  Achievements are an operating system sound.  You can however turn off the sound for all Achievements.

  • Go to Settings – Ringtones & Sounds
  • Scroll to bottom and uncheck “All other notifications”.


Can I change the flag that shows up in the leaderboards.

Yes.  You can do this in Help & Options.  On Windows Phone and iOS you just need to swipe over on the Start screen to Help & Options and then scroll down to “Leaderboard flag”.   On Windows 8 this option is in the charms, so swipe in from right side.

Still having trouble? Contact us!

How can I contact someone about a problem?



30 Responses to FAQ

  1. fleon888 says:

    Love it- you guys have done a great job.

    One question- how often do my stats on the leaderboard page update?

  2. Wordament says:

    Thanks! Your stats on the leaderboard page will update after every full game you play. Partial games will not force a refresh.

    • Jason says:

      Why the partial games or delay between games? This should let me start from a new game and not have to wait for the next if I dont want to. Thats really the only complaint I have for this.

      • Wordament says:

        Wordament is a continuous word tournament. New games begin at the same time, everywhere in the world, every 2:45. In every game, everyone, everywhere is playing the same board in the same language. When you see the real-time results between rounds, those are the results of everyone that played in that round. When you jump in (much like showing up 10 minutes late to a TV show), the game is in progress. When that game completes, you will start the next round with everyone else.

        Don’t worry, though, only full games affect your average score stats.

  3. azyrr says:

    great work so far, loving it.

  4. Kris says:

    My girlfriends Radar won’t download the game it says the phone needs the latest update for WP yet it has the same OS number as my HD7?

    • Wordament says:

      We just learned the solution to this issue, after escalating it to the Windows Phone support team. You need to fully power down the device and restart it. Then you should be able to install–assuming you are running Windows Phone OS 7.1 “Mango”

  5. Rahul Nene says:

    nice job guys
    amazing game

  6. Andrea Cardenas V says:


  7. Javierxbox says:

    Giod play good good

  8. Danna del Angel says:


  9. Cleverson Alves says:

    I’m from Brazil. I like WORDAMENT!!!

  10. kim says:

    I love wordament i play it for hours

  11. oswal147 says:


  12. angel says:

    I like so much wordament

  13. vauclemy says:

    E bom mas deveria ser em português

  14. Valerie says:


  15. Jylppy says:

    I love this game. Is there any chance to have it in Finnish some day?

  16. David says:

    The theme was “auto parts” but i entered “gear” and it was not considered an auto part. That’s rather interesting cos i always thought my auto (car?) had gears!

  17. markus says:

    Where is finnish language? Can you please make it fast. There is swedish but not finnish and microsoft even works together with nokia so why swedish and not finnish

  18. obiwan129 says:

    Hi, I’m from thailand. I like this game so much and my wife also.
    I need to say thank you to you guys for develop the great game.
    and I hope someday I will play wordament in thai languages ^_____^

  19. Miguel says:

    Hi Wordament people!
    I´m from Spain and I´ve just installed the Wordament game in my new Windows 8 system.
    The interface is in spanish, but the game is only in english: the words to look for are just in english. How can I do to play in spanish? Is there any way to do it? Perhaps now we can play only in english, is that so?
    Thank you very much, sorry for my poor english and congratulations for your game!

    • Wordament says:

      Hi Miguel,
      Thank you for downloading our game! We do have a Spanish room and you can find it by going into the Help/Options at the bottom of the screen, then you will get to the settings menu where you can choose your puzzle language.

  20. pedro123 says:

    why the portuguese verision doesn’t have theme words like on english? i can’t get the achievement for finding all theme words in a round. ):

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