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Wordament is available on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, Kindle and Android devices.


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131 Responses to Download Wordament

  1. Vince says:

    it great

  2. rena says:

    i love it but can i get it on pc???

    • Wordament says:

      Hi rena!

      Thanks for the comments. We are busy working on touch-first interfaces, so PC is out for a little while. The folks at Microsoft showed a really cool preview of Windows 8 last week, including it’s new touch-first user interface. We are definitely interested in learning more about how we could bring Wordament to Windows 8!

      • Vito (Canada) says:

        I love the game too. Since I downloaded it onto my Samsung Focus, it’s my number one time waster! Why not a Windows version using the mouse? That would negate the need for touchscreen and make me very happy!

      • shosh says:

        One reason more to wait for my Windows 8 tablet.

  3. bluwatr says:

    Since I’m the one in the fam with the Windows phone (wife has Android), we are eagerly awaiting the PC version so we can play on our touchscreen Sony PC…
    Warmest regards, bluwatr

  4. Pandincus says:

    My fiance wants to know when this will be available for her iPhone 😉

    • Wordament says:

      As soon as we can get off our lazy butts and write it! Just kidding. We are working hard toward that platform. There’s a LOT of important considerations to launch a successful iPhone game, and we are being diligent.

  5. jlenihan says:

    Keep it Windows Phone only and bring some more users to this platform – this app is great! Kidding, but really this is the kind of thing they need to have for a demo phone in the stores…very addicting.

    Too bad Microsoft Surface isn’t a consumer product, I could really see this working well on a larger surface touch environment – we had three people crowded around a phone trying to team together.

    • Wordament says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I certainly can’t promise that we will stay exclusive to Windows Phone 7… unless Microsoft would like to “encourage us”. 🙂 We love the platform, though, so we will be bringing updates and new titles to Windows Phone first.

      • Mark H says:

        I love you guys, you are freaking awesome. I love this game. An exclusive Windows Phone game or cross-platform would absolutely be the bees knees either way you look at it. Thank you for this game. 🙂

      • Wordament says:

        Thanks Mark! It’s comments like this that keep us working hard for you everyday. Thanks for playing with us!

  6. Jason H says:

    My wife and I love Wordament. We play on our HD7s and experience significant battery drain when playing. We would also love a tablet optimized version for Android for our Motorola Xoom.

    • Wordament says:

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion. If you can play on WiFi and AC, you will definitely have the best experience. We are working on another update to improve performance across the board since bringing in two in-house HTC devices for testing.

  7. mark says:

    Will Wordament come to the android??? Thanks.

    • Wordament says:

      We believe that Wordament is best when it is possible for everyone to enjoy! We are not opposed to other platforms, but we do have a set of engineering priorities in front of us. We aren’t ready to announce anything at this time. Thanks for writing to us!

  8. Tremaine Fletcher says:

    My wife got an HD7 I really need to get this for all of my Android devices. How does one go about encouraging development for this?

  9. Raunak Pandya says:

    Hello Folks,

    This game is soo amazing. Certainly the top game on WP7. I am waiting for the day I can beat Wicketewock. I have a small feature request guys. It would be nice, we had landscapre orientation support. It would be really comfortable to play that as esp when we play for long (which we certainly do). You dont really need to support the landscape mode in complete, probably just rotating the letters during the game as per the phone’s orientation should do the trick. What do you think? I am sure others would agree with me.


    • Wordament says:

      Thanks. I think I already answered your comment on Facebook. We will put this on our worklist. I get hand fatigue holding it in portrait too. 🙂

  10. akabuffy says:

    Please make an Android version of this fantastic game available.

  11. ironnmetal says:

    Just got hooked onto this a couple of days ago. Immensely satisfying and I love trying to improve my averages against the world. I really enjoy a lot of the stat tracking and really hope to see more of it implemented. As others have been saying, I eagerly await the day when I can play against my iPhone and Android friends.

    I tip my metaphoric hat to you, gentlemen, and now return to the game!

  12. Marcus Brown says:

    If you guys could X-Box Live status that would be a great bump for you. This is seriously one of the best, most addicting games on the platform and deserves to have that proper recognition. There is not a day that gots by that i don’t play this game. Thank you.

  13. Phrostbyte says:

    What a great game! Downloaded it to my Windows phone (Samsung Focus) and have been playing it every spare minute I get. Would LOVE to see it ported to PC! Hopefully for Windows 8 hint hint….

  14. Mike Hinesly says:

    Excellent game! Have friends who play “Words with Friends” who wanted to try Wordament that say “Wordament” is by far more fun and more addicting! You have done a great job on a very addicting game app! Way to go!

  15. John V says:

    My cousin (who works for MS) visited and showed off how cool his WP7 phone is, and got us hooked on this amazing game. Very polished, very well done. Problem is, we have iEverything in our household but no windows phones. Now that he’s gone home we are in withdrawal. I hope you will consider making a version for the iPhone!

  16. Emily says:

    Just switched to an android & am missing wordament big time! No other word game compares. Please, please, please make a version for us too!

    • Wordament says:

      Hi Emily. Sorry, today the only platform we support is Windows Phone 7. We are working on lots of exciting things, but we aren’t at a point where we can share our future direction at time.

  17. Dennis says:

    I love this games. I would gladly pay for a Dutch version.
    Are there plans for a Dutch version? Is there someway I can convince you to make a Dutch version?

  18. Dennis says:

    Maybe you can consider the list of words presented here:
    From the Dutch National Language Institute

  19. eduardo says:

    I love this game!!! i’m looking forward for the Spanish version

  20. Hussain says:

    My friend had this on this lumia 800. Am addicted. I have an iPhone. So please get this on iPhone as soon as.

  21. Clinton says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS GAME…I PLAY IT AS MUCH AS I PLAY ANGRY BIRDS…I love the challenge of figuring out words besides the ones I already know and finding out things that are words I had no idea are words Ive showed it to my friends and they all arre like how can i get that game I be like if you had a WP7.5 Phone youd have it LOL…Great job guys cant wait to see windows 8 version

  22. gregg and kely says:

    This game is the shiznit

  23. Cheetara says:

    Fun game!

  24. Dammi says:

    How do I change my user name?
    Fantastic game BTW, I have lost so many hours of sleep playing this 🙂

  25. says:


  26. Jimmy says:

    So, the version of Windows 8 at CES 2012 shows fake (not working, just icons of) applications? A really good way to begin… bad move Microsoft, bad move…

    • Wordament says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      I’m not sure if you are talking about “apps in general” or Wordament. But, Microsoft has a pre-alpha demo build of Wordament on Windows 8 from us, and it’s playable. It was demoed on stage at the Windows Store launch event several weeks back. There’s a video on YouTube that shows Ted Dworking finding a word in our Win 8 version of the game. Sorry you thought otherwise!

      Black Snapper

  27. Geo says:

    My ex-wife has an Iphone, and says she loves it. I have my HTC Arrive WP7 and play regularly. Did not know it was not available on other OS’s yet, so I let her play a couple rounds on my phone, before I came home and looked online for a version for her phone.

    I am proud to say, she is still looking lol
    Bonus lol

  28. Wordament addict says:

    I’ve had this game for a long time, didn’t think much of it. Now that i’ve spent a little more time playing im addicted and proud of it! I think the smartest move for you guys would be to get it onto Android and iPhone. I’ve been wanting to switch off of WP7 cause I want a larger app store but this game is holding me back! Love it!

  29. jordan jones says:

    Every one of my friends that don’t have WP7 phone are super jealous that they don’t have this game.

  30. TomE says:

    this is the coolest game….it has quickly become my only game. android/iphone users should switch to wp

  31. Jazmin says:

    Wish I could get it to my android :/..but its still a great game I love it :)!!!

  32. kim says:

    Congrats on making an incredibly addictive game! Any chance you could make a pay version without ads? I’ve screwed up so many games accidentally clicking on ads. Thanks!

  33. Preeti says:

    Is this ever gonna release for iPhone? The game is awesome! Often play it on friends’ phones…

    • Wordament says:

      We aren’t announcing other platforms at this time. Right now, Wordament is available on Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. We are interesting is getting to as many players as possible, though.

  34. Tom says:

    This game is simply awesome!
    I played it together with a friend on his Nokia Lumia 800 and now, I really can’t wait to play it on my iPhone!
    Please support iOS as quickly as possible! I need wordament!

  35. Tico says:

    Totally addicted within one day…
    One thing: It says I’m from the USA in the game, but I’m from the Netherlands.. any way to change this? Once again, great game.

  36. alfahish says:

    Speechless!! 😀 amazing. . First ever game in windows phone that i got addicted to 😀

  37. Heron says:

    I swear this is even better than Scramble with Friends. Hogging my friend’s Trophy so much that I actually got to 92% rank today for once. XD

    Thanks for making this game, and looking forward to getting my own WP7 just for Wordament.

  38. Mark says:

    Where can I find the unlock code on the Windows8 demo version?

  39. RAY says:


  40. Ram says:

    The number of users is now hitting 600.
    Looking forward to breaching the 1000 mark very soon!

  41. Ram says:

    Why’s ALMS not an accepted word?

    • Wordament says:

      ALMS is in our general lexicon and should be playable and acceptable. It’s marked as a common word. Do you remember approximately when you tried to play it? We can take a look at puzzles around that time. Please follow up with us directly:

  42. Suns says:

    Needed to switch from WP7 to Android – long story. Anyway, Wordament is my favourite app – please please port through to android!

  43. Jacob says:


  44. LeeWhittington says:

    I know it might be reaching a bit but my wife owns a HP Touchpad and a version for the Touchpad would be awesome. She literally spends hours taking over my phone just so she can play Wordament. Makes me wish sometimes I hadn’t shown it to her.

    • Wordament says:

      Have you considered installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? That would allow her to play on a computer–but sadly, not the HP Touchpad. I believe those are effectively abandoned now–both by HP and the development community.

  45. I know you get these all the time. But if you count the ratio of people with Windows Phone and those on Android.. I am betting Android would be the most popular phone OS. You really should make it available for Android. In comparison, I have hundreds of people on my facebook and hundreds I know IRL and no-one has a Windows Phone, they all have android. It would be a shame not to give us android people what we want… And that is Wordament.. You must give us it… It’s like dangling a piece of cheese over a hungry persons head. You started this hype 😛

  46. Botota says:

    Life is good

  47. invincis says:

    c’mon wordament team!! with utmost seriousness.. i sincerely hope you havent been ‘encouraged’ to much by microsoft, that an android version still remains non-existent.. atleast give us all a clear roadmap… isnt that, at the least, long overdue??
    best wishes to you all…

  48. goldy17venky says:

    Plz Plz Plz Bring Wordament to iOS ! Played it on my WP7.5 and JUST LOVEDDDD IT !!! SO Super cool and fun game ! Network connection always remains perfect.

  49. goldy17venky says:

    Plz Bring it to iOS ! Plzzz

  50. Abdur says:

    I want to play this great game in windows 7 also when your this game is coming for windows 7?

    • Wordament says:

      Hi Abdur, Thanks for contacting us! At this time we are targeting platforms with ad controls and app stores so that we can keep Wordament free.

      • Abdur says:

        There is nothing issue with ads until they are family friendly but please make it available to windows 7 and even for linux system as soon as possible, Thank you.

  51. hazeem says:

    please make wordament available for androids 😦

  52. Cliff says:

    This is a gaming killer app for Windows Phone. I’ve been playing it religiously since I picked up my Lumia 900. For some people, “No,” being the answer to questions like, “But does it play Words With Friends?” makes switching to Windows Phone a deal breaker. While for me games alone would never constitute a “deal breaker” for what is truly a productivity/communication device/platform, I will say that, “No,” being the answer to, “But does it play Wordament?” is the closest thing to it for me. If I had to go back to Android or iOS, I would miss Wordament so much it would be like chewing glass. I absolutely love this game; it is compelling, and challenging. Your design team has done a fine, fine, fine job. Keep up the excellent work!

  53. yogendra reddy says:

    love playing wordament on my NOKIA lumia 800 …fantastic game guys …cheers:)

  54. Lewis says:

    Exceptional game. I’d probably go as far to say it’s the best game I’ve played on a mobile device. I’ve switched back over to Android for now and I sure am going to miss Wordament. Microsoft would be crazy not to pay you off to keep it exclusive.

  55. Heather says:

    I play wordament on my spouses phone all the time I would live to be able to play it on mine. I have the electrify, android. I really think you should make it possible to play this app on other phones aside from just the windows phone. I know mu comment won’t do anything, just thought it should be thrown out there. Thanks

  56. Kelly White says:

    This is a very fun game.

  57. Ruchira says:


    I am one of Wordament fans. I am not able to play Wordament since the last update. Kindly tell me a way to make it work or a link to install the previous version.


  58. jake81 says:

    Please make Wordament for MeeGo (Nokia N9)! Pretty please!

  59. Ankit says:

    This game is too good. My wife and I always start this game thinking that we will play for 10 minutes and then hit the bed, but we end up with atleast 1.5 hours :(. Damn, its so addicting. I play this game on my Nokia Lumia 900 whenever I get spare time. I was even playing while standing in a checkout line @ Hollister :). Keep up the good work.

  60. Brandon says:

    You guys have created a fantastic app for the Windows Phone, I literally play this every day and have gotten so addicted it’s bad. I absolutely love the game especially with the whole Xbox Live integration and all. My only request would be Wordament in the Russian language Для России!

    Thanks for listening to your consumers and doing such a solid job!

  61. esmee says:

    pleaseeee fix this for android

  62. Chase says:

    This is the only game that I have that gets passed around when I’m hanging out. When at the ‘rents place, mom and sibs are taking turns playing it. When with friends, same story. Seems the only time I get to play it is when I’m alone. Seriously love the game 🙂

  63. Tweets9 says:

    I love, love, love this game. I love that my nieces and nephew will grab my phone to play it–and that that when they finally get to have a smartphone, they want a WinPhone because of Wordament! I don’t love that taking it to XBox erased my meager three wins, especially since taking it to XBox also means so many people that I’m unlikely ever to win again, but I understand that breaking my heart was necessary for the greater good 🙂 And even if you get spitballs thrown at you as things change, just keep in mind it’s a sign of people’s loyalty and love.

  64. Mar Nag says:

    Amazing game, I was surprised this was Windows phone only. Please keep it this way, WP needs exclusive games 😉

  65. Babu khan says:

    Very nice game for ur kid

  66. Babu khan says:

    Nice game for kids

  67. dhurbajyoti says:

    Hey i used to use this game when it wasn’t with xbox live. But since i have updated it, it isn’t getting connected. Tell me what to do or how to revert back to the older non-xbox version. I love this game very much but for last couple of days I am not able to play it. So I have to install similar games and they suck. Please help.

  68. Karla says:

    My husband is tired of me being on my phone all day. hehehe I absolutely LOVE this game. I love that you can add Frenemies and compete with everyone. Great Job Guys! Keep up the good work 🙂

  69. shelbs says:

    My husband has wordament for his Windows phone. He’s gone all the time bc he is in the army, and we would like to play together while he is gone for those long months.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this game for Android!!!!@

  70. bhavikvadhia says:

    The best game for wp7.
    So very addictive
    U guys have done a wonderful job
    My friends using android just search the play store for wordament every tym i play this game in front of them.
    They desperately need it.
    Just awesome game.

  71. Wordament says:

    Hi Deborah,
    You can give yourself a Gamertag by following these instructions:

  72. Filip says:

    The game on Windows Phone 7 is great, I waiting for it on Windows 8 ;).
    Congratulations, Windows Phone needs exclusive games 😉

  73. wayne roberts says:

    Love this game

  74. hj2 says:

    Food for the mind.

  75. It’s the best word game I have ever played in my life!!! Sheer Awesomeness!!

  76. lita says:

    I love this game. Its challenging and educational.

  77. bobmazzo says:


  78. Laura says:

    Love it!

  79. nic says:

    Fab game love it

  80. nic says:

    Good game good game

  81. I love to play the english version, but i’m looking forward for portuguese version. There are so many brazilian and portuguese players! Portuguese speakers will be very very happy!!! 🙂

  82. Gil says:

    Please tell me there will be Portuguese language in this awesome game in a near future =)

  83. María Aurora Gómez says:

    How Do I do to download the game in spanish? thanks

  84. lorraine southwirth says:

    How do I get a name instead of a number for free.

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