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About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.

Announcing Wordament Snap Attack®

Today we are thrilled to unveil the newest member of the Wordament franchise: Wordament® Snap Attack® – the constant word tournament. Snap Attack is available today on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. Snap Attack is an entirely new kind … Continue reading

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Hall of Fame 2013

Today we are unveiling the 2013 Hall of Fame results on This contains the top 250 players in each puzzle language from April – December 2013. Why April? Well, our app originally shipped as an indie game on April … Continue reading

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Unlocking the World Champ Achievement, or “Why is this achievement so difficult?”

This is a question we’ve been hearing quite a bit lately, so we thought we would explain our reason for why it’s so difficult to unlock and then tell you what you’ll need to concentrate on if you truly wish … Continue reading

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Wordament for Windows 8.1

Today we shipped an update to Wordament for Windows 8.0 and 8.1 (both RT and x86) that has been in the works for many months. This update brings to Windows all of the great features you’ve come to know and … Continue reading

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Experiencing connection issues?

The Xbox Terms of Use get periodically updated and today appears to be one of those days. Please visit, sign in and accept the latest Terms Of Use. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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LyndseyBrowning: Wordament’s new speed demon

If you have been watching the leaderboard lately you might recognize the name LyndseyBrowning. Today we are officially announcing her as the NEW Wordament Champion! She has set the new speed record in a single, 2:00 round: 193 words. Here’s … Continue reading

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New platforms, New puzzles, New languages, New players

It’s been a really busy week at the Wordament Headquarters and we have lots to talk about. Today we are pleased to announce a Windows Phone 8 native version of Wordament in the Marketplace. Previously, Wordament was a Windows Phone … Continue reading

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