Announcing Wordament Snap Attack®

Today we are thrilled to unveil the newest member of the Wordament franchise: Wordament® Snap Attack® – the constant word tournament. Snap Attack is available today on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1.


Snap Attack is an entirely new kind of word building game built on the heritage of the Wordament, with a new game mechanic that we think you’ll love—we know we do! Snap Attack is game about building combinations of words. In each 2 ½ minute round, you compete with thousands of other players at once, trying to get the best score. All players use the exact same board and rack of tiles. Points are earned by building combinations of words, or as we call them, “Snaps.” Your score is then ranked against everyone that just played that round and you’ll immediately see how you did.

Here is a trailer for the game that shows it in action:

Here is a screenshot of the game board before you’ve found your first Snap:


Snap Attack might look familiar if you are a players of other word building games, but the similarities end as soon as you make your first Snap. For starters, every board comes with a set of preplaced tiles that you can’t move. These are colored black and all of your Snaps will attach to one of more of these tiles. Your tiles are blue and you can move those anywhere to make Snaps. All players get the same seven tiles and they will not change during the course of a round. With those tiles it’s possible to make thousands of unique Snaps.

Single-Snap example:


This is an example of a Single-Snap. The L, A, and K are placed next to the E in LANCES and you earn 12 points. Unlike other games in this genre, play doesn’t stop here. You can continue to build on your own Snaps to make new Snaps. Let’s add on:

Multi-Snap example:


If you drag the A and W from your rack, you can build the Snap “LAKE, LAW”, which is worth 28 points. Each complete Snap is fully scored each time, meaning the more tiles used in the Snap, the more points you will receive! In Snap Attack you want to always keep your tiles moving, trying to find that next high scoring Snap.

Once the round is over, Snap Attack displays the Snaps you made and the top plays on the board. This is a great opportunity to study the Snaps you missed and learn how to find them in the future.


Once our servers have everyone’s results we show a real-time leaderboard. This contains all the players that played in the last round. If you’ve ever played Wordament, this should look very familiar.


For full game rules visit this link

We will have much more to talk about in the coming days, but we are keeping it short today as we are itching to get in there and play with you! As always, hop on our Facebook page and let us know what you think. This game will evolve with its players over the coming months and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

For now, though, go install and start playing Snap Attack!


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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