New platforms, New puzzles, New languages, New players

It’s been a really busy week at the Wordament Headquarters and we have lots to talk about. Today we are pleased to announce a Windows Phone 8 native version of Wordament in the Marketplace. Previously, Wordament was a Windows Phone 7 native app, which would work on Windows Phone 8, but depending on your screen aspect ratio you might end up with the dreaded letterboxing. This is no longer a problem; with the new release Wordament will fill up a HTC 8X as well as it does a Nokia 1020. If you docked us a star in the marketplace for this in the past, it might be a good time to go re-rate us 😉

As developers, we are a very data driven and one thing we are constantly studying is connectivity to our services. We have spent many hours tuning our protocols and trying different strategies to make sure every user, no matter how far from our data centers, is able to play. We have noticed for some time now, that many users on Windows Phone’s occasionally have issues connecting to Xbox and thus can’t sign into Wordament. Frankly, we find these stories heart breaking as there is often little we can do from our offices. However, we have been working with the Xbox team on this issue and we have a patch in this newest build that should enable players having troubles to get connected. If you have been one of the users experiencing connectivity issues we’d ask that you update and let us know if the latest Wordament fixes your situation.

New puzzle and language features

Wordament is powered by an always-on cloud service running in Windows Azure. It allows us to constantly improve and update the game, and we are always improving our content photo 2photo 1for the game across all languages. Today, we are launching support for two more puzzle languages: Norwegian and Turkish. We launched Danish a while back and we heard from a number of users that Norwegian support would be great–we listened, but we have to say that Norwegian is a pretty difficult language to “get right.” We’ve done our best with the content that’s available to us, but we suspect there are some “invalid” words in there. We’d love the help of any native Norwegian speakers to give us a list of words they find during play that are “wrong.” As always, you can send us feedback to:

For Turkish, we enlisted the help of some colleagues in Microsoft Research to help clean up our lexicon, but, as with all of our non-English languages we have limited native language comprehension. So, just as with Norwegian, please feel free to give us feedback. We do listen, and we do update our lexicons as we hear about problems.

This week, we also launched support for new puzzle types in our non-English languages. Specifically, we added support for our “potpourri” puzzles that appear every 5th round. You should see: High value X, X in the corners, Either/or, and Speed rounds in most languages–so be sure to sign in to your favorite non-English language and try out the fun new content.

New players

Lastly, we have had a large number of requests for an Android version of Wordament over the past several years. We believe that Wordament is a game best played with all your friends. Since it’s a BYOD world, we’ve decide to bring Android into the Wordament family. Wordament is available on your Ice-cream Sandwich and above device starting today. We look forward to the new players and competition. Take it easy on them, as they are a few months behind.

Here is a little clip we put together of Wordament running on all sorts of devices:

Thanks for playing!

-Team Wordament


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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