Wordament 2.5 released for Windows Phone and iOS

Today we are proud to release an update to Windows Phone and iOS versions of Wordament. This app update, which we call Wordament 2.5, brings with it features that players have been asking for, as well as a host of stability and performance bug fixes. We’ve been hard at work for months on this update and we are excited to share it with you today. Here is what’s new:

Sign in with Facebook

We’ve heard from many players who want the ability to sign in to Wordament with a Facebook account. In Wordament 2.5 we have two ways to sign in: with an Xbox LIVE account or a Facebook account. Sign in how you like, everyone still plays in the same room. Both types of accounts can play Wordament, show up in Wordament’s Leaderboards and compete with Frenemies, however the only way to earn Gamerscore and Achievements is with an Xbox LIVE account.

SignIn01 SignIn02 SignIn03

Signing in to Wordament with a Facebook account

Share your accomplishments

Do you feel like screaming from the top of a mountain when you get a new high score? What about when you finally beat that Frenemy you have been chasing for months? Now you can proclaim your greatness right from our real-time leaderboards with the new “Tap to share” feature.

“Tap to share” makes it simple to tell your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or even just a friend in email or SMS about your recent Wordament accomplishments. If you aren’t following us on Twitter or fans of our Facebook page, now would be a great time to add us. You might even find us congratulating you when you share those accomplishments.


Tap to share in action on an iPhone

Updated look

Once you get signed in, you will notice a refreshed look and feel to Wordament. Every release we have refined our visual look to make things more useful and attractive. As we develop new features, the UI design often needs to evolve. The challenge this release was determining how to integrate Facebook accounts alongside an Xbox LIVE accounts. We played with several designs but ultimately this one stuck and felt the most like the natural evolution of our user experience.


You might notice we no longer display the language edition at the top of the screen. In this new design we change the P L A Y tiles to the localized word for “play” in the edition you are playing. It’s never been more clear which edition you are playing.Flags.ong

Flags in real-time Leaderboards

We made a small, but important tweak to our real-time leaderboards screen to display the country flag, in addition to the three letter country code, for each player. It really highlights the international appeal of Wordament.


Theme picking on Windows Phone

When we launched Wordament on Windows 8 we provided the ability to pick what color theme Wordament should use. We did this because Windows 8 did not have an accent color clip_image014available to an app like Windows Phones did. We started to receive feedback that many Windows Phone customers wanted to be able to pick a Wordament theme independently of their device’s accent color like they could do on Windows 8. Now you can. In Wordament 2.5 you can pick any of our 20 stunning themes or go along for the ride with your devices accent color. The choice is yours.

Native iPad support

Wordament 2.5 has moved to being a Universal App on iOS, and not just as a phone app. In our testing, we found that some of us scored better on a smaller board, and others really liked how easy on the eyes a larger board was. So we split the differences and added a new button on the iPad that lets you zoom in and out on the board so you can decide which mode you like best.


Most importantly: thank you. Without players like you, Wordament isn’t a game worth playing. Our game is built on the Wordament community. So thank you for helping spread the word and choosing to spend your gaming time with us.


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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