Puzzle updates

Sometimes, I don’t think we give enough credit to the folks that work so hard to keep Wordament’s puzzles always great and always fresh. Some of those people are members of our game community, like Echo Foxtrot DJ, Autogrin and Buffy42 that have provided us with many of the great theme puzzles we all play, but we also have help from our two part-time team members: oOo Scruff oOo and Rogosh Wot. This week, we’ve introduced Autogrin and Buffy’s latest English theme creation: Construction. When you see it, look for words like: BRICKWORK, CARPENTRY, DRYWALL, SCAFFOLDING, TILE, and TOOLS.

We talk a lot about English changes, because the engineering team’s native language is English, but we are also continuing to add and support themes through all of the non-English languages as well. In just the month of April, for example, we’ve added the following themes:

  • Danish: Furniture
  • Dutch: Family
  • Finnish: Travel, Flowers
  • French: Flowers
  • German: Clothing, Hair, Flowers
  • Italian: Flowers
  • Polish: Travel, Furniture
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Travel, Furniture
  • Russian: Travel, Furniture
  • Swedish: Furniture

We are also always tweaking the contents of our themed lists as we discover new and interesting words. Sometimes the community tells us words to add, but we are also always learning new words and adding them to ours theme. Translating themes has also introduced us to a lot of words that were always “in English” that we didn’t know existed, and that’s where some of these come from as well. Here’s some example word additions to some of our lists, just in the past week:

  • Clothing theme: KELLY – a man’s hat, such as a derby.
  • Crime theme: DRAGNET – an organized system for catching a wanted criminal.
  • Land Features theme: EVERGLADE(S) – low, swampy land that’s characterized by tall grassed and extensive waterways.
  • Politics theme: BRINKSMANSHIP – a practice of pushing a political or diplomatic situation to the brink of crisis in order to achieve the greatest advantage.
  • Publications theme: GAZETTE(S) – a newspaper.
  • Small theme: PEEWEE – tiny; very small.
  • Weather theme: ZEPHYR(S) – a mild, gentle breeze.

We hope you continue to find our puzzles fun and fresh. We are always working to try new things (without breaking the game’s rules). If you ever have suggestions for words or theme lists, feel free to contact us! wordament@microsoft.com.


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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