Welcome to Competition Year 3!

Today, we are proud to “reset” our leaderboards to begin a new year of competition. Last year, as we launched on Xbox, it was truly a full, forced reset of everything. At that time, we were resetting everyone’s player account to move everyone to Xbox. This year, existing players get to retain all of their personal player stats. This includes your personal bests, like number of top 10 wins and your best word.

So, what exactly are we “resetting” then—in fact, nothing. We aren’t resetting anything to zero. Instead, we are adding a whole new collection of leaderboards to allow you to compete in a fun new variety of ways. Below is a listing of the new Top Players leaderboards:

Year 2 Top Player’s Leaderboards

Year 3 Top Player’s Leaderboards

Total score (all time)

Average score (all time)

Total score (all time)

Average score (all time)

Total score (today)

Total score (this week)

Total score (this month)

Total score (this year)

Average score (this week)

Average score (this month)

Average score (this year)

High score (this month)

High score (this year)

Most words (this month)

Most words (this year)

The “all time” category remains exactly as it always has, but we are now adding 11 new Top Players leaderboards for you to look at and enjoy. These leaderboards are available in all puzzle languages, right now.

Total Score

The time-scoped Total score leaderboards show player’s total accrued score across from every full and partial game played, within the chosen time window. There are a couple of important things we want to call out:

· Total score (today) is based on the last 24 rolling hours of game play. It does not reset at a specific point in time. Rather, games you played more than 24 hours ago will just naturally fall out.

· Total score (this week), (this month), and (this year) all automatically reset at their appropriate interval. Weekly leaderboards, for example, reset on Monday morning at some time between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM in the time zone closest to that’s language edition’s “center of play.” Meaning, the Italian puzzle language will reset between 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM in Central European Time. Spanish puzzle language edition resets between 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM in Central Time (North America).

· Because of this, once a week the Total score (today) will be higher than Total score (this week) for 24 hours. Similarly, at the beginning of each month, it’s possible for Total score (this month) to be less than Total score (this week), unless the first day of the month is Monday.

Average Score

Over time we’ve had a lot of requests for “show me my average now vs. all time.” This is especially important as new, high-performing players will naturally have better average scores than players that have played Wordament for months or years. Our response to this request is the new Average score (this week, this month, and this year) leaderboards. Over these time intervals, your average score is scoped. If you are improving, then your Average score (this week) should be higher than in longer time periods. Also, if a new, high performing player enters the scene, you can compare how you are doing relative to them on a fixed time interval. For those that want all the details on Average score:

· Average score is only computed on full games (games where you played for at least 1:50 seconds).

· Average score (this week) and (this month) will only list you after you have completed 20 full games (during the week or month, respectively).

· Average score (this year) will only list you after you have completed 50 full games this year.

High score and Most words

We are also introducing two new kinds of Top Player’s leaderboards: High score and Most words. These are both in response to the interest these have generated when we’ve snapshotted results to our Facebook page from time-to-time. These leaderboards show everyone’s single game best score and single game most words over the selected time period. These are starting right now, and do not take any results into account prior to today, so these will change quickly over the next few days.

As a sub-point, we have always and will continue to patrol our leaderboards and ban “show boaters.” If you are suspended for “suspicious play” in one of these two leaderboards in particular, we will review your results and in many cases require you to provide a video of yourself playing at that level of performance if you are in the top 5 positions and you don’t have a history of being a top player. Sorry to be so blunt about that, but we take the reputation of our game and our leaderboards seriously and will continue to do so.

Friends and Frenemies enabled

All of these leaderboards are Friends and Frenemies enabled, so as new players join the game, you can compare yourself against them in all of these leaderboards! This should provide you with a number of new ways to compete accurately on the stats front.

World Champ Achievement

The wording for the “World Champ Achievement” has always been pretty vague: Score in the top 250 places in any of the Top Player’s leaderboards. As of right now, the World Champ achievement will only unlock on the two “all time” leaderboards, but by the end of this week (Friday 4/26), we will begin unlocking the World Champ achievement to the top 250 in all categories, with one minor, but important detail: in the Week, Month, and Year leaderboards, a full 24 hours must elapse from each “reset”. That way, there is a bit of an achievement rush at the first of each week, month, and year, but it takes 24 hours of competition before it will trigger.

Year 4 will begin on January 1, 2014

In moving to “auto resetting” leaderboards, we will now be resetting our (this year) leaderboards at the start of each calendar year. That makes this competition year shorter than the last two, but no less exciting.

Thanks for supporting us with your time and attention for two full years!

While we have even more exciting things coming during this competition year, we wanted to say thanks for all of your support during these past two years. We hope you like these changes, and look forward to continuing to serve you fresh new ways of competing!

Team Wordament


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Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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