Windows 8 Wordament refresh now available

When we first launched Wordament on Windows 8 we were launching a beta version of Wordament on a beta operating system with a beta release of Xbox LIVE. Given the state of the world, we had to make some tough choices about what features we could get up and running well. So we initially focused on core game play in an attempt to keep quality high. Since that time the platform has RTM’d, Xbox came out of beta and we’ve been cranking out the code to bring Windows 8 Wordament on par with the version on Windows Phone 7. I’m proud to announce we just completed the certification process and the fruits of our labor are now available in the Windows 8 Store.

This new build brings some features that are unique to Wordament on Windows 8 as well as some features that were missing from the previous builds. Here is what is new and noteworthy:


This is the first release of Wordament on Windows 8 to have Xbox Achievements. There is 200 gamerscore available on Windows 8 and for those that have played on Windows Phone 7 you will be familiar with them as we used the same set. We’ve blogged about our achievements before.

imageGood news for those hard to reach server side achievements. If you ever unlocked a server side achievement on Windows Phone 7 you will instantly unlock that achievement by just launching the Windows 8 version. So if you unlocked “Best of the Hour” or “Champ” on Windows Phone 7 you automatically unlock in on Windows 8 when you run Wordament.  The reverse is true as well. If you unlock Champ on Window 8 you will automatically unlock Champ on Windows Phone the next time you play on your phone.  Other achievements unlock the old fashion way, you need to unlock them on each platform.


In addition to our orange and blue theme we now offer a stunning selection of colored backgrounds and tiles similar to what Wordament on Windows Phone 7 offers. To check them out swipe in the Settings and select “Game Options –> Theme color”.


There are 20 themes to choose from.  Here are few samples:


Portrait views everywhere

All the various screens of Wordament have been made to work great in portrait.  Playing the game in portrait is fun, frankly much more fun than we had anticipated.  We lovingly refer to this mode as “Big phone”.  If you have played with Wordament on Windows Phone 7 you will quickly understand why.


Wordament on Windows RT

With this release we officially add ARM to the list of supported architectures for Wordament.  While we have been listed in the ARM store previously, it wasn’t officially supported until this build.  We’re happy to say it plays great on Windows RT devices.

Thanks for bearing with us as we brought Wordament on Windows 8 up to snuff with it’s phone counterpart.  We really appreciate all the feedback we have received and we’ve tried to listen every step of the way.  In the coming weeks we will be announcing even more improvements including new puzzle languages that we can support because of the great international support on Windows 8.

-John and Jason


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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