Wordament’s Youngest Champ

Once in a while a story comes our way that’s almost too good to be true. Such is the case with Wordament player Joseph (using his Dad’s Xbox LIVE Gamertag ‘CJL714’). He can consistently get into the top 10%—which, in itself is great—but when you consider that he’s 5-years-old and hasn’t started Kindergarten yet… it’s downright incredible!  Joseph’s dad sent us along this in e-mail:

First, thanks for Wordament! My wife, son, and I are all addicted. My son is 5 years old, hasn’t started kindergarten yet, but loves it. It’s been a great thing for him to develop words and spelling. He’s also impressively good at it! He’s regularly scoring in the 90%+ range.

I know that DiscoPidgeon is a kid (maybe 12?) but how many pre-first graders do you have?

He also sent us a nice video with his son playing a FULL game for Themed, Digram, and Normal puzzles to prove that this wasn’t “just talk.” We were blown away. So, we asked if he would be comfortable trimming the video and posting it to YouTube, he said “sure.” Without further ado, please welcome the player that we believe is Wordament’s Youngest Champ!


We can’t help but feel a little more humble when we lose to him!

Jason / Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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