Wordament Preview on Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 Release Preview

We’ve been working hard to bring the Release Preview version of Wordament to everyone as quickly as possible. But, this was no small undertaking! This is our first Windows 8 version to use Xbox LIVE, meaning that your same identity on Windows Phone is also your identity on Windows 8: your Xbox LIVE gamertag. We’ve also been getting ready for users around the world. Our user interface is now localized into a staggering 39 languages. Puzzle languages remain in seven languages, at this time: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Dutch (though more are on the way!). Please note that this release does not have Achievements, as we are waiting for Windows to ship before bringing those to the party. The Release Preview of Wordament uses your gamertag, your friends and frenemies, and of course, our competitive leaderboards.

For some users, we are listed in the Windows Store under Games right now. For others, you need to go into the Store and search for “Wordament”. It appears that Wordament is rolling out to all regions as we speak. One of the things we love about this game is it’s community. We discovered that Wordament had shipped this morning thanks to a tip on our Facebook page.

So, please go and try out our new release! We look forward to playing with all of the Windows 8 players again in the same room. Lastly, please remember: This is a release preview. This is not final, shipping software. We are on a pre-release operating system, with pre-release Xbox LIVE, and pre-release Wordament. We will be continuing to tweak and improve the game, as we always do as we all move toward final release.


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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