Wordament Italian Edition Beta

As we’ve added new languages, it’s been great to see the enthusiasm increase for languages we haven’t released. It’s especially satisfying when we see a lot of requests for a language that we are actively prepping but haven’t flipped the switch to release it publicly. With the near daily requests for Italian we’ve had over the last few weeks, we’re proud to release our seventh language.

The Italian puzzles are much like the French, Dutch, and Spanish puzzles with normal and digram puzzles. The smaller alphabet makes for puzzles that may have a different feel from other languages as the high score of rare letters such as x and j in other languages aren’t available. However, the higher prevalence of doubled consonants leads to long words being found more often.

As we put this language edition out to beta, we’d love to hear your feedback on any errors or omissions. We hope you enjoy this addition to our family of supported puzzle languages.

To play, swipe over to ‘Guida e opzioni’ and select ‘Lingua puzzle’ and choose Italiano BETA


The Wordament Team


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Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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    Awesome! Thanks for listening!!

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    Tank you tank you tank.

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