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As we release each new language edition we’ve seen an uptick in feedback for more and more languages. All we can say is that we’re pedaling as fast as we can to keep up with demand. So, after a detour to update our engineering backend to handle more languages efficiently, we have switched gears to get our next batch of languages live, starting with French. So, for everyone who has waited patiently over the last few weeks and contacted us asking for French: here it is!

One of the first things to notice is that accents aren’t in the puzzle grid. After a bad experience in Spanish of putting in diacritical marks, we went with eliminating accents from the puzzle. So, ete and été will both be found by swiping E-T-E with the most commonly used accenting showing up in the list of found words. Words with ligatures such as œuvre will be found by swiping O-E-U-V-R-E. The puzzles will come in two flavors: normal and digram. As we tune our French lexicon we will also be bringing French Themed puzzles into the mix!

We’d also like to thank Laurent Bonnet for his effort in trying out this Language Edition and helping us gauge where we’re at. In his own words, he says:

“When a colleague introduced me to Wordament in English, I found the game entertaining and with a fun touch experience, so I gave it a try but found out quickly that lots of words recognized were unknown to me, so my points stayed awfully low. Now that I had the chance to onboard the French words edition, I immediately had better results, and I started remembering various combinations of letters from a past Scrabble competitor life, as I did participate in many tournaments 25 years ago. After 100 games and a top score of 874, I look forward to target the 1000 barrier soon :). But I’ll probably buy a slightly bigger screen that matches better my fingers – though the “touch” on Windows Phone is really precise and adds to the entertaining experience of Wordament!”

While we feel the puzzles are high quality and fun to play, we know there are things we won’t see, since we aren’t native speakers. Also, this lexicon covers both Continental French as well as some global French (including French Canadian). So, if you see something, please say something so we can get the puzzles as good as they can be!

To get started, pivot over to Aide & Options and pop open the Langue des puzzles and select Francais BETA.


The Wordament Team


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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  1. Jean-Francois says:

    So much better now in French. Top score for one game 1028 which very much higher then what I had in English. And especially higher then my highest in Spanish (which was just a guessing game lol). On my way to my last achievement and I’ve loved every minute of it. Me and my gf have nightly challenges together to see who can come up with the highest overall score and highest word score.

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