Where’s Wordament on Windows 8 Release Preview?

“What happened to Wordament? Where did it go?”

We’ve been getting this question a lot today, as Microsoft just released the Release Preview of Windows 8. It’s a very exciting release of Windows and moves Windows one step closer to final release!

As you can probably guess, we are working hard to bring Wordament on Windows 8 to you, at high-quality, and using Xbox LIVE. Back in April, when we shipped Wordament on Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone, we had to fragment the user base—Players on Phone came to Xbox LIVE and players on Windows 8 Consumer Preview stayed on our older Wordament screen name system. We never want fragment our player base like that again. We like having one user base and one set of Friends and Frenemies.

When we arrive on Windows 8 again, it will be with Xbox LIVE and there won’t be any need for an “Unlock code”. Your Xbox LIVE account will just work across Phone and Windows. It will be great.

So, stay tuned for an announcement on our blog about the new Wordament on Windows 8 with Xbox LIVE. It will have many of the same great features as the Phone version, including Language Editions, sound, and a single player base. We are getting close…

Jason / Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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16 Responses to Where’s Wordament on Windows 8 Release Preview?

  1. Had I known this prior to updating my windows 8 tab I would have held off… I’m already getting the shakes!

  2. Bryan Arant says:

    Going to go ahead and agree with Derek. Luckily I have my windows phone to get my fix.

  3. Can’t wait, we are all addicted to this game both on Windows Phone and the machines still running Consumer Preview.

  4. Tommy Michaels says:

    No!! I’m with Derek, had I known, I would have stuck with the CP!

  5. Arrgh, I should have delayed updating my Win 8 consumers preview!

  6. Keith Hill says:

    Hurry up already! 😉

  7. Viral Jain says:

    … n I hav updated to Windows 8 Release Preview!!!
    Jason Snapper, please speed up!!! 🙂
    V r waiting!!!

  8. pete the knife says:

    Wow! Utterly epic game this hour. More than 33 players scored 1000+, top 10 cutoff was 1570, top score ~2100.
    And I finally got a new top score all time, 1589!

    Of course, the top 20 players, and 30 out of 33 had the same 73 point word: FLICKERS.

    The only reason I know there were more than 33 1000-pt games is because that is how many there are in the hourly high score, and all of them end in CKERS.
    Pete the Knife

  9. belrise says:

    Will you be moving the Windows 8 CP scores over to the new Windows 8 version when it is released?

    • Wordament says:

      The CP build of Wordament plays against the older indie Wordament servers. When we release the RP build of Wordament 8 (coming shortly), it will play against the same servers as the Xbox LIVE Windows Phone 7 version. So all players will be in the same room and everyone’s scores will accrue to the Xbox LIVE servers. This also means you will get new features like the ability to play in multiple languages and change your flag.

  10. Abooie says:

    C’mon, have we got a date? Just confirmation we don’t have to wait until the final release would be good for starters? Go on, I’ll promise not to tell.

    • Wordament says:

      Release preview of Windows is available right now. Wordament will be soon (as in weeks). Wordament on Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 is a big update and we want it to be great.

  11. Thank you for this post. I’m excited to see Wordament back in the store!

  12. Steve Heigh says:

    Missing Wordament since I upgraded from Windows 8 CP to RP. Looking forward to its return in the near future!

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