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We LOVE the passion of Wordament players! It’s why we read and try and answer every single piece of email we get. We appreciate the fact that people take time out of their lives to chat with us about a free word game. For this blog post, this particular piece of player mail seemed really appropriate:

Guys, plz… Dutch, Swedish,Spnaish???? This is rediciolous!

Why not german? German is the offical language in:
and Belgium!

Recognised minority language in
Czech Republic
Namibia (National language; official language 1984–90)
Poland (Auxiliary language in 28 municipalities in Opole Voivodeship and 1 in Silesian Voivodeship)
Slovakia (Official municipal language of Krahule/Blaufuß)
Vatican City (Administrative and commanding language of the Swiss Guard)

… Means maby over 150 mio people talkin in German and you bring is Dutch???? Whats wrong with you?!
So pleaaase do somthing for the German talking people :/

🙂 And our response:

Thanks for your comments. German Edition is next. We understand EXACTLY how important German is, so we didn’t rush garbage out the door in haste. We’ve been busily working and testing it to bring online as a Beta NEXT WEEK. We will likely still have gaps in our lexicon, but we are working hard to have this language be solid as we agree with you: It’s really important.


So, tonight (or this morning if you are in Germany), we proudly unveil our BETA of Wordament German Edition. We are pretty proud of all of our Language Editions, but this one had some extra care and help from a native speaker and a close friend of Wordament: EchoFoxtrotDJ (formerly DidjaRedo). Echo and his whole family and have been big community supporters of our game for as long as we can remember and they have contributed more themed word lists to English Edition than anyone except oOo Scruff oOo who helps out the team every night.

Like all of our other Language Editions, German is BETA. We think it’s a high quality BETA, but we know there will be words that are legal that are missing, and words that are illegal that are included. In particular, we had to allow some proper nouns in (by accident) to make sure we had the correct coverage of everyday words.

GameBoard     IR2

So, please enjoy and help us tune and improve this version. As with all of our other Language Editions, here’s how you can help us:

1) Please be specific! Know that we are here to get this right and that we acknowledge that it’s not perfect, right now… so, when you do contact us, please be specific! What words aren’t words? Which words are we missing? In many cases our lexicon already has everything—but valid words have been removed or abbreviations have been left. We start from a really rich Microsoft German Lexicon, but are slicing and dicing it to convert it from a “spell check” lexicon to a “word game lexicon”—they are very different things. In particular, please help us with last names that aren’t words. We know we have some of these, but they are hard to find and remove.

2) Please be patient with us! We are rolling new puzzles out for each language each day right now as we learn and refine. If the puzzles are “terrible” today, then try again tomorrow. If you sent us specific feedback, we’ll have heard you and may have been able to fix it.

3) Know that all features will appear in time! Today, we are launching with “Normal” puzzles, which feature Digrams or a Trigram in every puzzle.We do not have German “themed puzzles” yet—but they will be coming!

Thanks in advance for the help you can provide us to improving this Language Edition. To play in German Edition, pivot to Hilfe & Optionen and select Deutsch BETA in the Rätsel-Sprache picker. 


As Bing Translate says “Viel Glück und genießen!” (Good luck and enjoy!)


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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  1. asdfasdf says:

    Viel Glück und hab Spass!

  2. Daniel says:

    Thx for the German Version

  3. Felix says:

    Thank you. You are wonderful 😀

  4. Cleogeo says:

    Wordament is great. I am looking Forward to digramm ans themes in German 😀

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