Amazing players!

Tonight marks 3 weeks of availability of Wordament on Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone. In the transition to Xbox LIVE, we started a new one-year tournament and we are nothing short of amazed at some of the great players and results we are seeing. We used to commemorate these moments with a clip art trophy and call that person a Champ. These days, accomplishing these tasks actually unlocks that Achievement!

Top players

Just a couple of days ago, our first player racked up 1,000,000 points and 1,000,000 words found. In the couple of days since: 10 people have done this:

  • Preppy
  • BoomRShine
  • Nandigam
  • Slizos
  • deirdrethedub
  • HeDish96
  • st deacon
  • Wicketwok69
  • juliemacmartin
  • hiatus105 (at time of this post, this player was at 998,562 points)

As it currently stands, to get the Champ achievement by Total Score, position #250 is at 441,000 points.

Average Scores

On the Average Score (all time) leaderboard, the top results are nothing short of incredible. The top 35 players all average 800+ points per full game they play.

“Fingers of Fury”

The final milestone to call out is number of words found in a single game. Here are our top finishers:

  • Wicketewok69 – 131 words (in the Xbox LIVE version), 133 all time.
  • mztan – 130 words (Xbox LIVE), 131 all time.

Boy would we love to see a video of play like that! One of the things that particularly impresses us with these classes of results is that these players almost never hit “You’re guessing!” They have memorized and can recall visual patterns that make all of these words. Remember, this is more than 1 word per second sustained! And, for all of the new players to Wordament that think these players are cheaters—let us assure you they are not! We know them personally and have seen them get results like these. But, don’t take our word for it:

Wicketewok vs. DiscoPidgeon–As shot by SniffleBump

There are many more like this on YouTube!

Thanks for making the competition hotter than ever!

— Jason / Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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4 Responses to Amazing players!

  1. jlm_alaska says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the video. I’d always figured the people at the top were cheating somehow, and now I know it’s true: Clearly they’re not human with that sort of dexterity!

    In all seriousness though, it made me feel a litle better about my pathetic scores. It helps when you give up all hope of being on top 🙂

  2. Nomad45 says:

    That’s a pretty ridiculous video. When I score 500 on a good round I never really understood how people could be consistently doubling my best scores, I guess they’re just that good! I was also wondering, how are Wordament games made? Do you guys just have a server that keeps generating new boards every couple minutes? Do any boards ever repeat or are all unique?

    There’s obviously a finite amount of combinations of letters that can be placed on the board adhering to certain parameters (x amount of vowels, etc.) so eventually they’d have to repeat, right?


    • Wordament says:

      Wordament’s puzzles are built independent of the game service. We have a full time puzzle maker that ensures that Wordament’s puzzles meet strict playability requirements. All of our boards are unique and, unlike every other word game that we are aware of, our lexicon is a living thing. We make hundreds of modifications to each lexicon (we are currently in 5 languages) every week. We start with the rich assets of Microsoft’s natural language dictionaries, but then augment and tune them by listening to players and playing the game ourselves.

      While there is a finite number of puzzles, the math is pretty rediculous for the number of puzzles. In Wordament English Edition, for example, in our “Normal” puzzles, where we only use A – Z as the letters, there are close to 26^16 of possible puzzles (that’s 43,608,742,899,428,874,059,776 unique possibilities). Given our strict rules to qualify as a Wordament puzzle, it’s less than that, but we also have Digram and Themed puzzles where our alphabet is larger. We have something like 60 unique tiles in the Digram alphabet, for example. We serve 191,025 unique puzzles per year, so in effect we have an unlimited number to choose from. 🙂

      Thanks for your interest in our game!

      Jason / Black Snapper

  3. DiscoPidgeon says:

    Hey, can I come in? I got 127 words on a board yesterday. 🙂 I was really glad to get 120+, it was one of my goals and I had sadly fallen short at 119 the day before…

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