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As we’ve progressed down the Language Editions path, a number of people questioned our order: Why Spanish, then Dutch, then Swedish? In part, it was because those were the languages that were most “requested.” Not the most spoken world-wide, but in the microcosm of Wordament—Swedish is a top requested language. It’s also a really hard language to do with 16 tiles. In fact, the only language that we think will be harder, is German. And that’s next.


So, with even more humility than for Dutch Edition BETA, we launch Swedish Edition BETA today. The first thing you will notice is that every board has at least one “N-gram”. In English, Spanish, and Dutch, we have a special Digram round.

Game-Board-2     Game-Board-1

For Swedish, we need at least one Digram in every board—the words are just longer. Round-over-round you will get boards with either:

  • 1 – 4, non-adjacent Digrams
  • 1 Trigram (like the ARN) above

We have no special rounds for Swedish Edition BETA yet. But, we believe the lexicon is ready and we believe the puzzles are good enough to try this. Here’s how you can help us when you provide feedback:

1) Please be specific! Know that we are here to get this right and that we acknowledge that it’s not perfect, right now… so, when you do contact us, please be specific! What words aren’t words? Which words are we missing? In many cases our lexicon already has everything—but valid words have been removed or abbreviations have been left. We start from a really rich Microsoft Swedish Lexicon, but are slicing and dicing it to convert it from a “spell check” lexicon to a “word game lexicon”—they are very different things.

2) Please be patient with us! We are rolling new puzzles out for each language each day right now as we learn and refine. If the puzzles are “terrible” today, then try again tomorrow. If you sent us specific feedback, we’ll have heard you and may have been able to fix it.

3) Know that all features will appear in time! Today, we are launching with “Normal” puzzles, which feature Digrams or a Trigram in every puzzle.We do not have Swedish “themed puzzles” yet.

Thanks in advance for the help you can provide us to improve this Language Edition. To play in Swedish Edition, pivot to Hjälp & alternativ and select Svenska BETA in the Pusselpråk picker. We are so proud to offer this game to Swedish speaking players!

As Bing Translate says “Lycka till!” (Good luck!)



About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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  1. glimglam says:

    Wopwop, or as one might say: “Tack så mycket!”.

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