Announcing The One Year Tournament

4/1/2011 was the day Wordament opened its doors. At that time we had only one leaderboard: the real-time, in-game leaderboard. As the game grew, we added more and more leaderboards. We are still growing and over the next year we plan to do even more interesting leaderboards. Leaderboards are at the core of Wordament.

Today we want to announce that we are going to start a one year leaderboard. We plan to archive all the results from the past year of play and enshrine the top 2500 player on our Facebook page for the lifespan of Wordament. Every year on 4/1 we plan to snap the yearly leaderboard. Think of it like the dusty trophy closet at your Alma Mater. So fear not those of you who don’t like that we cleared your stats for Wordament on Xbox LIVE. Your legend will live on.

I realize some might question our decision to clear all the stats. The simple fact is: there was no other choice available to us. When it came time to move our identity system from screen names to Xbox LIVE we had a significant technical and policy problem on our hands.

We discussed and prototyped solutions to merge results from screen names with gamertags but the results were not satisfactory. For instance, existing players would already have unlocked most of the achievements without ever playing. It also felt very weird to launch a newly branded Xbox LIVE title that had players with millions of points. You can trust me when I say we thought through ever solution and outcome we could conceive for weeks. We finally landed on the One Year Tournament being an acceptable way to part ties with screen names and allow every player the ability to experience the game anew.

We think the One Year Leaderboard will be a very exciting leaderboard to watch, as it will add all new life and reason to play. Sure you were the best last year… but how about this year? Maybe some of the top players are “done.” Fine! Now’s your chance to be the best. We know we are excited to participate from scratch again, and hope you are too!

The new 2011 Hall of Fame will be available in the coming days. We will blog about it when it’s live.

-John and Jason


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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  1. drjflam says:

    I missed this when I read your blog … a better title would have been “hey, we reset the leader boards and changed your user names. here’s why”.

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