Wordament Tournament and Launch Party


We can’t think of a better way to launch Wordament on Xbox Live than a party and a Wordament tournament. We are very excited about the Microsoft Store as a venue as well as the fantastic prizes we have to give away. Nokia was kind enough to provide us with a white Lumia 900 as the grand prize for the Wordament Champion of the evening. If you haven’t played with one of these phones yet, the Microsoft Store has them on display. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware.

We are going to run this tournament a bit different than the previous one. It will be a bracketed tournament. This requires you to come in and sign up for a time to play. We will start handing out time slots at 6:30. You will then play a round with 8-12 others at your assigned time and if you get the highest score of the round you will advance to the winner’s round. The champ of the winners round will win a Kinect sensor. These mini tournaments will run every 30 minutes until 8:30, at which time we will ask all champs of the winners round to play in the grand prize battle. The winner of the grand prize battle can opt to trade their Kinect sensor for the Nokia 900.

There will also be a free drawing which anyone can enter to win an Xbox 360 Limted Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle and other great prizes. The drawing will happen right after the Championship round at 8:30. You must be present to win. All participants will receive a Wordament T-shirt or Wordament Frisbee.

Come early as tournament spots will be limited and will fill quickly. The entire development team will be hanging out all night ready to talk about all things Wordament. We hope to see you there!


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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17 Responses to Wordament Tournament and Launch Party

  1. thimbro says:

    Come to Texas I want that lumia 900 soooo bad *-*

  2. Wordament says:

    The 900 is pretty sweet. While you have to be present to win, you can always play along virtually with us on Thursday. We can post the gamertags we will be using before the tournament so you can see how well you would have done.

  3. DiscoPidgeon says:

    Will Wicketewok be playing or running the event? XD

  4. Wordament says:

    Rumor has it: Wicketewok will attend. He’s coming all the way from Atlanta.

  5. Wordament says:

    We would love to meet michelefromseattle!

  6. xiaoyongaz says:

    I’ll attend if none of the big gun come:)

  7. Chris Lynch says:

    LOVE the update guys!!! Excellent work. I hope an Offline mode is coming next.

  8. Chris Lynch says:

    LOVE the update guys!!! Hope to see an Offline Mode in a future update.

  9. Wicketewok says:

    I wouldn’t call Mztan the best. Certainly good. I’ve been out of the game while I transition back to Seattle. Just let me get my flow going again. And yes I will be there. Can’t wait to say hi to my new phone tonight :D.

    • DiscoPidgeon says:

      Wicketewok, if Mztan isn’t then who is? 🙂
      btw, I think mztan is a he, look at the avatar. They are pretty secretive, though.

  10. bonnibi says:

    AGHH I’m so angry I didn’t see this in time!!! I would’ve loved to go =(

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