Digram and Themed Puzzle Countdown

Today’s feature is a small one, but a great one. Ever since we introduced Digram and Themed puzzles, we’ve had a special “title bar” that contains the board’s title and description, but it’s always been static… until now.

The idea for this feature came from Asa Kaplan (minieme12358) who wrote to us in January with this message:

I just had 2 quick suggestions and a bug report. With the themes, it would be nice to have it count down both obscure and common ones as you get them. This would prevent those frantic searches after a category is finished 😛

Second one, I am unsure of this, but possibly a category completion reward?

With Wordament on Xbox LIVE, we’ve added both of these. First, the title bar now counts down the number of items left to find (which for Digrams is only the Common words, not the Obscure). Each time you find a word, the title pulses like the tiles and counts goes down. Get down to 0 and… ka-click! Achievement Unlocked: Digram Master or Theme Titan, depending on the kind of puzzle. We think it’s really fun.

1   3   4

You’ll also notice that we’ve moved the title bar above the board in all cases. This is to address another problem: Many people have written us and said “I didn’t know it was a themed round until the end!” Well, now, we have a couple of fixes for that too:

1) The title bar is at the top

2) It pulses when the round begins

3) It pulses with each digram or themed word you find

4) We have a unique round start sound for themed rounds—when you have sound enabled—which are on by default.

We hope you like it. We think it’s a great change, and best of all—it was a change recommended by our terrific community.

10   11   12

— Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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6 Responses to Digram and Themed Puzzle Countdown

  1. thimbro says:

    Marvelous! I miss the themed title bar all the time. This will help immensely!

  2. Preppy says:

    In the right picture, which is of a FOODS themed game, “loaves” is not listed as a theme word. Should it be? It caught my eye because “meatloaves” is also present and noted as a theme word.

  3. Linny05 says:

    How often do theme puzzles start? They’re my favorite and I feel like I just dont see them enough!

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