The Windows 8 Question?

Hey Wordament Fans!
Let me start off by saying HI! This is Derek, the newest member to the Wordament Team! Just like you, I’m a huge fan of the game and like so many of you, I play every day. It’s an honor to work on a game with this much love, and it only inspires me to make the game even better.

We’ve received a plethora of questions around Windows 8, and there’s been a little mis-information out there. Let’s clear it up, straight from us horses mouths. Well, at least as much as we can say right now!

Windows 8, we’re definitely going there. You’ve seen us on-stage a couple times and in some screen shots. But we’re not going to be installed on every machine. You’ll have to connect to the store and download Wordament. But that’s about it! It’ll be easy to get, and I’ve played the prototype, and I’ll tell you- it’s FUN!

We’ll have more specific news at the end of the month, and this will be the caliber of stuff that we hope will make everyone happy!

See you in the next game! Happy word-hunting!


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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3 Responses to The Windows 8 Question?

  1. Andreas says:

    Hi Derek.
    Can we adjust the size of the board in Windows 8 version?

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