Super Human

Update 2 (11/7/11): Wicketewok is once again the undisputed record holder, securing 130 words in a single game and gathering 1408 points!

Update: In response to this article, Wicketewok pulled out two big performances today achieving 123 and 125 words across two games. So, now the top record is tied between mztan and Wicketewok. Great competition!!!

Wow… There has been some healthy competition over who can get the most words in two minutes for a while. The title has been consistently set by Wicketewok time-and-time again. His long time frenemy bballin316 always in close pursuit. Just last week, FAFRF tied Wicketewok’s best at 119. Today, mztan blew the doors off the previous best of 119 words. He achieved 125 words in just 2 minutes… that’s more than one word every second! I have no idea how he did it! But, it’s amazing. So, amazing, that we decided to pull the result to share with everybody. There is no funny business here either. The telemetry we collected on this game clearly indicates that he really pulled this off and the result is stunning.

mztan, congratulations! You are now in the hall of fame as the first person to break 120 words in 2:00. Here’s some fun facts about mztan:

  • Country: USA (Reverse geo IP lookup indicates Washington state)
  • Games played: > 1,000
  • Best score: 1598 points
  • Longest word found: 12 letters
  • Playing since: June 7, 2011

Here’s his result:




About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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2 Responses to Super Human

  1. kem says:

    With today’s available technology, I would love to see a video posting of a puzzle with 100+ words found.
    Therefore, consider this request a challenge to see can be the first.

    • DiscoPidgeon says:

      Challenge accepted. Should come tomorrow.
      Oh and btw I got 136 words today.

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