“It’s awesome” – 2 stars

While working on some forth coming updates this evening we started chatting about some of our favorite Wordament reviews in the Windows Marketplace. We take our rating very seriously and daily we look over the latest user comments in our email, blog and in the Marketplace. There is a great tool called Distimo Monitor which lets developers track ratings, ranking and sales across not only the Windows Marketplace but also Apple and Android app stores. We use Distimo to categorize and label all the feedback we get from the Marketplace.

Here is a snapshot of how our ratings stand by stars this evening:


We are coming up on 6 months in the Marketplace and I thought I would share some of our all-time favorite Marketplace comments for your enjoyment. While I might get a little snarky below, please recognize that I truly appreciate every review. The feedback has been amazingly useful and motivating. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to craft and submit a review. Now without further ado, our favorite ratings and my commentary, lowest to highest:

“Too constricting” clip_image004by Player980794206 – I hate it when my word games fit me like a bad pair of trousers. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in a 5×5 grid Mr. Player980794206?

“Expect to be blocked if you play well :'(“clip_image004[1] by clacs – Nope, expect to be blocked if we can prove you are cheating. We don’t block great players! I know the incident that incited this player to leave this review. We challenged him about some very dubious games where he only found the best, highest scoring words to which he basically said it was none of our business how he played. The truth is it is literally our business. Wordament is only fun if the competition is square and its necessary that we have measures in place to enforce this.

“Problem has been resolved. May have been due to hotmail being down” clip_image004[2]by notthefbi05 – This one is tough because it’s a poor review for something that is likely out of our hands. It’s not a review we can take action on and it sounds like whatever was happening isn’t anymore. At least I can go to bed feeling like this user is in a place where he can play if he wants too.

Registers words that aren’t words. Wat is not a word…all kinds of words like this in the game. I guess for people who can’t spell this game might be fun.” clip_image006 by Baramontious – Early on we got lots of feedback like this and it was a driving force behind our introduction of common and obscure pivots on the results page. Dictionary discussions are still a large portion of the mails we receive on a daily basis. It’s funny just how many folks assume a word isn’t a word if they have never seen it. I have the opposite reaction. I see a word I don’t recognize and I’m diving in trying to figure out how to use it in my daily vocab. A wat, if you’re still following along Baramontious, is a Buddhist temple.

“The game is decent, but half of the words used aren’t even words. Somewhat pointless because you can’t form a lot of words from the random letters given.” clip_image006[1]by itsARobin – this one strikes me funny because every board has 150 or more words in it. Those that follow the blog know that our letters are anything but random. One could pretty easily argue all games are pointless, my parents did a pretty good job of it growing up as I wasted my youth away on my Nintendo.

“It’s awesome” 2 stars by:jamieboi999 andGreat game. Very addictive!=Dclip_image007 by uduck – This class of review is my favorite. We have several low star reviews that have a comment that makes you feel like the user is in love with Wordament. One of two things is happening here. The user has never rated an app before and actually thinks 2 stars is great! Or, they are trying to do us a favor and pepper even the bad reviews with great comments. Either way, I wouldn’t change this review for anything. It simply makes me smile.

“This is confusing and boring” clip_image009by DogLover326 – This review is confusing and boring.  🙂 Well at least it’s 3 stars worth of confusion and boredom. I would kill to see the other reviews DogLover326 has written for other apps.

“I would like to extend the time but it’s good reminds me how dumb I amclip_image011 by Player226166971 – Hey, you aren’t that dumb, you at least know that 4 stars is better than 1. Wait, maybe you met to leave 1 star?!?!

“Great game, sadly it is very hard if English is not your first language. It would be 5 stars if it had more languages” clip_image011[1]by dlezama – This is exactly the type of review I love as a developer. It’s clear what we need to do to be 5 stars in dlezama’s eyes and we are working on it. The only thing that would make this review better is if it implied what language is most important to dlezama.

“Best phone game ever” clip_image013 by Friscette– There are lots of reviews like Friscettes and I have to say nothing makes me want to stay up late and squash a bug like a review like this. I encourage you to leave this sort of review on any app that you love. I never get tired of reading reviews like this one.

“This is the best thing since cable tv” clip_image013[1] by Michael Perusse– Really?!?!? Better than CSPAN or HBO? More details please. Seriously though, it’s an incredible feeling to have someone take the time to write something so grand about your app.  Thanks Michael, you made my day. 

“Absolutely superb. The in game theme mirroring the phone theme is a classy idea that is very well implemented. The game play itself, and strong online support, make this a must download.” clip_image014 By ScoundrelDays – It’s so nice when a user notices the fine points of our work. I got the chance to meet David Bazan of Pedro the Lion fame once and I told him I loved the way his drums sound on his album Control. It’s probably a rare thing that a fan comments on drum sound so he immediately engaged in conversation with me as if we were friends. That is how I feel about this comment. We’ve literally spent days working out the kinks of using the phones color everywhere and it’s really cool when a player gets it. Thanks.

“Truly love this game and the way it is made. Thought of everything and works so well. If ever got a chance would love to shake hands with the guy who made this game :D” clip_image014[1] by amitaggrwl – If you are ever in the Seattle area amitaggrwl send us a message. We’d love to shake your hand too.

All kidding aside, we are so thankful for every player we have. It is such a thrill to work on a piece of software that can make 2 minutes of your day fun. Thanks for all the ratings, and most of all thanks for playing!



About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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  1. I’m dlezama, Spanish is my first language, sorry I missed that. Funny you say you like the review as a developer, since I’m a developer too, so it makes total sense 🙂

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