You have been asking us to build Wordament in other languages and we are doing just that. We recently submitted v1.6 of Wordament to certification and it should show up in the Marketplace shortly. With this update we’ve localized Wordament so that users playing on Spanish, French and Italian phones will now see the user interface in their native language. All you have to do is set the phone’s language setting to Spanish, French or Italian and Wordament will display the newly translated text. Additionally we have made a minor rebrand to the Wordament you know and love. You’ll notice when you launch the new build that we have some subtext under the Wordament banner that reads “English Edition”.


English Edition means the puzzles are all English puzzles and you only can score words that are English. Yes, we know that’s not really what you have been asking for but in the near future we will be releasing Spanish, French and Italian Editions where the puzzles and dictionaries will be in these languages.

Localizing the user interface for English Edition is the first step in getting the other language editions in the marketplace. If you are a native speaker of any of the new languages you can help us by providing us feedback on the text we have chosen. Neither Black Snapper or I are bilingual so we’ve been doing our best to create accurate translations. We have no doubt made some translation errors and we would love to hear from any native speakers about how we could improve the user interface. Just drop us a note at wordament@live .com, preferably in English. 🙂 We are very excited about the upcoming releases and we hope you are too.



About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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7 Responses to Bienvenida•Bienvenue•Benvenuto•Welcome

  1. Erik says:

    Happy to help if you decide to add German.

    • Wordament says:

      Hi Erik! Thanks for the offer! We may take you up on that. We are trying to figure out what the situation is with the requirement around a USK game ratings cert. For a while it was required and we got pulled out the German marketplace. Now it seems less required. If it stay optional and we can return to Germany, then we will want to localize for sure.


  2. Erik says:

    I’ll hope for the best then! Btw – is there a way to change the country associated with my profile? I happened to be travelling when I got the update that checked location, and now Wordament thinks I live in Spain!

  3. Erik says:

    I’m in the US. My screen name is DidjaRedo. Thanks!

  4. ZMTO says:

    Hi… great improvement.. Wordament looks an feel better and better with each version!
    However, in the spanish version, there are a lot of wrong translations.

    JUEGO (in the home screen) should read JUGAR (in order to be a verb)
    Usted adivinando (when too many incorrect words are being played) is not gramatically correct, you should better use “Estás adivinando” and it would make a lot more sense..

    There are other things in titles in the score screen and so… but keep going this can be easily improved!

    I hope we soon have that Spanish edition!


    ZMTO (screen name)

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