Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!

We love it when you play with us, and you tell us in reviews that one of your favorite aspects of this game is it’s competitiveness. One of our goals from the get go was to create a game and a community where you’d never be alone. With some word games, like Words With Friends, it’s really fun to play when your friends / opponents are playing. But, it’s slow and lonely when people won’t play with you.

That was one of the biggest inspirations behind “You vs. the Internet” and Wordament—make a game where you always have people to play with. And, while our real-time leaderboards are really powerful—we also know that persistent leaderboards are important too. That’s why we introduced them back in May. Tonight, and in cooperation with our 1.5 update that went live last week, we’ve taken another giant step ahead in our leaderboards, with:

  • Better personal stats
  • Personal rankings in our all-time best leaderboards, even if you aren’t in the top 250
  • A new “Top players” leaderboard
  • A Frenemies leaderboard

Better personal stats

One of the features you’ve been asking for lately is: tell me my best rankings and how many great finishes I’ve had. With the new Me leaderboard, we’ve added this in, along with better averages (more on that in a minute). Here’s my Me page:


Things to note in here are:

  • The new Averages
  • # of First place wins (if you’ve ever had at least one)
  • # of Top ten wins (if you’ve ever had any)
  • Best ranking: (if you haven’t taken 1st yet, this is your personal best)

Total points (now with your personal ranking)

Once you’ve played enough games with us to be eligible, we now show your personal stats in the Total points and Top players leaderboards, even if you aren’t in the top 250 players:


Notice my “accent colored” tile underneath the leaderboard “tiles.” You can see that I’m currently ranked at 419th. This stat will refresh once per day with my progress or loss (not playing will allow others to pass you!).

Also, notice that we’ve selected a new, nicer Frenemies color (the blue) which is compatible with all phone theme colors in both light and dark and looks great across both OLED and LCD screens. In every leaderboard, you will highlight in your accent color and your Frenemies will highlight in the darker blue.

Top players (another way to be the best)

Another feature that the community has been asking for for awhile now is “rankings by average score.” This one is tricky (and why it took a while to get to). Computing your average score by summing up the total number of points / number of games played works, but is susceptible to problems with “warm up games” and games where you don’t play (and get a zero). With the Top players leaderboard, we only compute your average for “eligible games” – and even then, we are picking games that are statistically in your norm. So, this list represents our players that are able to consistently “kill it” over time and always dial in the best scores:


Again, you can see, I’m not anywhere near the best player in the world! Smile 

The other stat of merit in here is the “average ranking”—this is where you typically place when you play, across all of your eligible games. Now, one important thing about this: Many of our international players and a few of our insomniacs play in the middle of the night when competition is lower, so this ranking really depends on the competitiveness of when you play, and shouldn’t be taken as a strict measure of who is better than whom.


When we introduced Frenemies back in early July, we knew that having a personal leaderboard of you vs. your Frenemies would be key. We now have that leaderboard too:


In this image, you can see some of the folks I follow when I play, and where they rank. I’m in here… just at the bottom. Smile

Keep the fight alive

With all of these great leaderboards, the spirit is to maintain the fun of watching yourself improve and compete with your Frenemies. We hope you find these leaderboards as fun and engaging as we do!

—john and Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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2 Responses to Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!

  1. jader3rd says:

    Thanks for adding the best ranking.
    It currently shows mine as 4th, but I don’t know what that’s out of. I remember a few days ago, there must have been a bug and I was listed 4th out of 5, and given that the previous game had 300+ players, and the next game had 300+, that there must have been a bug somewhere. I certainly don’t concider 4 out of 5 my best ranking.

    • Wordament says:

      You’re Best Ranking is the highest position you have every achieved in any single game. So, if the best you’ve ever done is 4th place, then this will say 4. If you’ve every had a 1st place finish, we won’t even show you this stat, and will instead show # of first place finishes and # of top ten finishes. Some of the stats on the Me page are only updated once per 24 hours. We have a change coming to make that a little clearer.

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