We know you like to look at yourself

In the first week we released Wordament we were thrilled to see games with 20 people playing.  Back then it was easy to see where you ranked in the results because they fit on one page.  Gone are those days and now it’s not unusual to be playing a round of Wordament with over 200 people!  As fantastic as that is it makes scrolling to find your results a imagebit cumbersome.  So in the latest builds we added a feature we call the You Tile.

The You Tile is the accent colored area that has your rank and your detailed results for the last round.  There is also a hidden feature here.  We know everyone loves to scroll to find themselves in the results so we made that easy.  Simply tap on the You Tile and the results list is scrolled to your position.  Try it in your next round.

Also you may have noticed that sometimes you don’t get to see all the results for a particular game and instead you only see the top 10 and the 30 or so around you.  This is something we do when you are playing on a slower cellular connection like 3G.  We did extensive testing and realized that we just can’t push down a full 200+ results on a 3G network and expect to have a good performance.  So we cull the results on slower connections to the leaders and those around your score.  If you join your phone to a wifi network you will get full results returned just like in the earlier builds.

Lastly I know some of you are still seeing some performance issues with the newer builds.  Please continue to report these to us.  We take our performance very seriously and have spent countless hours tuning both the server and client to make the game play great.  We won’t rest until we’ve understood and addressed every last issue.



About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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2 Responses to We know you like to look at yourself

  1. MI77 says:

    Would love to be able to maintain a list of friends/usernames that got highlighted in the results list… Oh, and Achievements! Thx for an awesome game 😉

  2. MrAndyPuppy says:

    I find there are still pauses when some of the ads are being served up. It only seems to be certain ads which is why you may be having difficulty tracking down the performance stuff.

    I’m also finding the occasional missed score still – so it’ll show me the individual results page, but then when it goes to the results list, I won’t be shown, or in one case I actually showed with 0/0 even though I’d played the whole game. This isn’t just me – a friend also had it happen to her while we were sitting right next to each other – she wasn’t shown on either of our lists for some reason.

    MI77 – can’t you just click on the users you’re interested in? I find that they highlight and then next time I see the list and they’re in it, I see them still highlighted. I do it for a couple of my friends plus some of the top players like Briff05 and scruff, etc.

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