New in Wordament: Digraph puzzles

Did you know that the English language actually has 39 letters? It turns out that if you consider all of the 26 single letters plus the top two-letter pairs (also called Digraphs), such as QU, ES, DE, ER, and so on, you end up with a language with 39 common letters.

If you couldn’t already tell, we are total word geeks. And, as such, we really dig on the statistics and analytics of letters and words. So, we are now building a set of puzzles that choose from up to 39 letters. To be clear: Not every puzzle will have this feature. In fact, only a maximum of 33% of our puzzles will contain a digraph. And, when one does appear, it will be the only one. This means you will not see a “QU” and an “ES” in the same puzzle, ever.

We think this addition makes our game even more challenging and fun. In fact, we’ve added a little announcement (and taunt) when a Digraph appears: We will specifically tell you how many words can use that tile. See how many you can find!

digraph2        digraph3

As further incentive, we’ve included a special “star color” for Digraph words, so you get rewarded for finding them, and it’s easier to see them in the Found / Not found lists in the end game.

Let us know what you think? Does this make the game more or less fun? As always, we love hearing your feedback and we are actively listening! Thanks for playing,

— Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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6 Responses to New in Wordament: Digraph puzzles

  1. ssmallfry says:

    Hm… Tough call on these for me. It certainly makes the game a bit more interesting, but it is also pretty distracting. I get the feeling like it is trying to be too fancy almost?… Not exactly sure how to explain it. But it makes me worry that you’ll start throwing more and more wacky stuff into the game to try to make it new and exciting, but I’m in love with and addicted to the plain-ness that the game began with. Take from that what you like!

  2. Chiel says:

    I got this winphone 7 from my employer and never really used it because of being boring and a lack of fun apps (yet).

    That was until I found Wordament! I suck at it, but I love it! Thanks!

  3. MrAndyPuppy says:

    Would it be possible to have the number of words for the digraph work as a countdown so as you find them it decrements? Or – any way to separate “common” and “obscure” word counts so you don’t have me tearing my hair out trying to find the others. 🙂

    To me, they’re a slight distraction because I find myself trying to find them all rather than all of the other words. I don’t mind it, but it’s there.

    • Wordament says:

      Good idea. Starting with tomorrow’s puzzles, the Digraph puzzles will only tell you how many COMMON words use the Digraph tile. Thanks for the suggestion!
      – Black Snapper

  4. DerKommissar says:

    What does it mean when the words are starred yellow? Thanks!!

    • Wordament says:

      First, it means you are awesome if you can find one. 🙂

      Today, the gold starred words are the “best” words in the puzzle… length >= 6. We are looking to refine this to literally the top 10 common and obscure words in each board, but my fingers can’t seem to type code faster enough. 🙂

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