New in Wordament: Phone Leaderboards

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday, our new update to Wordament is nearly here (it is in the Marketplace certification process). One of the top features that we’ve added is the ability to see how you stack up against your competition over a longer time period than just “one game.” Our solution, of course, is leaderboards. We’ve had web-based leaderboards up for a while now, but we think having them on the phone is going to make them way more accessible. From our new Start screen, you will find a Leaderboards link that will jump you off to a page showing you one of four leaderboards:

  • Best of right now
  • Best of this hour
  • Best of today (the last 24 hours)
  • Best of all time

Leaderboard-01           Leaderboard-02

Each page will highlight your position, if you appear in the list (as shown highlighted for “scruff” in the second image). Also, notice that we are showing the country you are playing from—bringing a little more global competition into the fray.

Let us know what you think, when you get a chance to play with the build. We think the leaderboards are really great, and will encourage even more fun word battles to come!

— Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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17 Responses to New in Wordament: Phone Leaderboards

  1. Fart says:

    Would be nice if there was a feature that showed our own score, words, and high score.

  2. Tsitsikama says:

    Love seeing the South African flag! Great game, great execution.

  3. coffeyc1 says:

    First off, love the game. I love the fact that the boards are always good, it certainly keeps me coming back for more, just to see how good of a board I can get! Lately however and especially after the latest update, I find that if I do too well, in comparison to the other players, my score is not shown and I am not on the leaderboard. I just played five games and only one of them registered (the one where my score was closer to the #2 person). Are you throwing out scores that are a certain amount higher than the next highest? This didn’t use to be the case and I was just curious if something had changed.

    Keep up the good work. My wife and I love this game and it never seems to get old!

    • Wordament says:

      Hi there and thanks for the comment.

      No, we are not throwing out scores. The challenge we’ve been hitting is that we’ve gotten so popular that we are getting more results into the limited results collection window that we have than we can process. We are pushing a change out to our service tonight to “extend that window” so that we don’t lose results. You should be able to see your results in the Leaderboard for every game, because we get more time to lookup your score.

      We hear you and have a change coming!

      • Fart says:

        Based on what you said it appears that not all the people who showed up in the leaderboard have just finished that round at the same time I did. Is that how it works?

      • Wordament says:

        There is a 15 second window to get your results into the system for the in-game “You vs. the Internet” results tally. If you don’t get your results in during that window, the will still make it in for the Leaderboards, because we allow more slop in that timing.

  4. Ssmallfry says:

    I have a recommendation I’ve been meaning to get to you guys!

    How about a leaderboard (or just personal stats page…?) showing average # of words found, average word score, average word length, most common words, etc?

  5. Fart says:

    I’m having a problem like coffeyc1 is having. It’s happened about 5 times for me. At the end of the round it says I got 0 points and 0 words, but it seems to be storing it in your database because one of those screwy rounds I had a really high score and I checked the 24hr leaderboards and it listed it there.

    • Wordament says:

      We just fixed this problem at 6:00 PM (PST) tonight. We believe it is completely fixed (based on our current usage and load). The problem was that our new build takes a little bit longer to post results and there wasn’t enough time (given the number of concurrent users) to get everyone’s score in and back on time. We believe we have addressed the issue. We are also issuing an immediate update to certification (and soon to the Phone Marketplace) to help fix this problem on the phone app-side as well. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Fart says:

    Also, my phone gets hotter when I play this than when I use any other game or app. Twice my phone has even shut off due to the battery draining even while the phone was plugged in charging.

  7. punzki says:

    This update is awesome! I must admit I stopped playing because I lost some interest. But I see you’re still actively updating, so I’ll continue playing! (Though less regularly now)

    • Wordament says:

      Thanks for the comment! We are still working on updating this game. We have more in store too. This new update has more functionality than our puzzles currently take advantage of. Expect new themed puzzles to start showing up soon!

  8. Ssmallfry says:

    Two comments for the new update!

    1. I’m really liking the new look of the rankings after each game, and like that you can highlight someone in blue and follow they’re score. But if you swipe to go down the list, the name you initially hit turns blue every time. So sweep up or down a couple times, and you’ve got 6 people in blue and it gets a little chaotic.

    2. It seems the results are taking a really long time to load, and by the time they finally do there are often only 4-5 seconds available to look at how you did for the round.

    Other than that, I love the update so far. And I see that the average # of players has increased by 50 or so, nice job!

    • Robopuppycc says:

      I noticed this too, but if you drag along the right side of the screen, it doesn’t toggle the names.

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