Wordament 1.2 is submitted for “certification”

Last night we submitted a major update of Wordament to certification—meaning if all goes well, you should be able to play with it by the end of this week. We have been working tirelessly to bring you a terrific update that you both deserve and have been asking for!

In the past six weeks that Wordament has been available, we have literally gotten hundreds of requests, suggestions, and comments and we took all of them into consideration. Some features didn’t make the bar, but the top requests that we saw time and time again all made it in. Over the next few days, john and I will be talking about all of the new features in this new release… and we think you are going to love them all.

Want a sneak peek? We’ve added leaderboards to the phone, we’ve made it possible to track your friends, enemies, and frenemies, we’ve added a rotate button to the board, we’ve made it much easier to find yourself in the results list, we have special “gold star” words (the best in each puzzle), and we have the ability to push special, themed puzzles. We’ve also refined the categorization of our dictionary to separate common words from obscure words and have revamped the individual results screen to lead with the common words you missed. And this is just a sampling of the new stuff.

We are so excited for the gaming to come. Thanks for joining with us and playing! The long nights of coding and testing have been hard, but we love all of the fun that this game generates—and we really love hearing about the game from you. We think we just upped the quality bar a bunch and added the features you most wanted to see. We can’t wait until it’s in all of our hands. Keep your eyes on this site for more details about all of the great new features coming in 1.2.

— Black Snapper


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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12 Responses to Wordament 1.2 is submitted for “certification”

  1. Fart says:

    This would be one of the best XBLA games if you were able to get Live certification–I play this game every day. The only thing to make this game better (aside from Live cert.) would be to have a feature to track our own personal stats/records.

    • Wordament says:

      Live certification is complicated for a lot of reasons. For one: we are a tiny, private indie studio and outside of the scale that Microsoft allows in for Live certification. Also, we feel like the mission of “You vs. the Internet” is larger than just Xbox Live. We’d be happy to talk to the folks at Microsoft about Live certification and the pros and cons, but we’ll wait for them to talk to us. We are busy working on making this game great on multiple platforms and getting our next games underway.

  2. Fart says:

    Also it would be nice if after each round there was some sort of indication next to the users who appeared to be cheating that round (you know the various ways to detect cheating based on previous posts on your site).

    • Wordament says:

      The short answer is: We don’t believe that anyone in our system is cheating. We have a lot of tactics to determine if people are, but unless we have folks that are cheating EVERY round they play (very unlikely), all of our best players are consistent over time. And that, to us, means they aren’t cheating.

  3. Fart says:

    Strong commenting I know…but amazing how this game is free. I have only paid for one non-XBL (but 30 XBL games) and this I would be willing to pay up to $5 for!

    • Wordament says:

      Hi there! Thanks for the vote with your dollars. There are a number of challenges with accepting money that we didn’t want to deal with: including getting to critical mass in size. We wrote a blog post on our philosophy of free: http://wordament.com/2011/04/05/our-philosophy-on-free/

      • Fart says:

        Well then perhaps a free (with ads) and an ad-less paid-for version for a couple bucks? The ads don’t both me during the free version, but I would be more than willing to give my $ to a company that produces an excellent app…

        I’m guessing that, over time, the ad revenue in the free versions would far outdo the money earned from me paying for it, which I understand (which I normally would be against, but again, this app is one of the best in the Marketplace)….

  4. Fart says:

    Surprising…I’m commenting again…

    Please, for the love of everything that is Holy…do NOT make this for the iPhone/Pad or Android and merge the leaderboards…the last thing us loyal WP7ers want is a bunch of Apple snobs in our (errr…your…) game leaderboards 😡

    Normally I’m ranked in the top places where you can see my username without scrolling….let’s not change that :]

    • Marymom says:

      Sush!!! I had a windows phone and begged to get my iPhone back and am very very sad I can’t Play my favorite game ever. I’m literally detoxing w/o it. You have to share w us iPhone snobs! I would have reconsidered changing if I knew it was an exclusive w7 club

      • Wordament says:

        You can always have both! I carry a couple of phones… and look like a huge dork, but there’s no mobile games I can’t play! Seriously, though, we are busting our tails to get to as many screen shapes and sizes as possible.

  5. Tod says:

    Is BlackBerry 7’s touch screen OS a possibility?

    • Wordament says:

      Hi Tod,

      Sorry, we aren’t looking at Blackberry OS’s at this point. RIM is really struggling these days and we are working on larger platforms first.

      — Black Snapper

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