We are humbled.

It’s been two weeks… and we feel like we’ve lived a whole year! In that short time, I can’t believe how many players we’ve gathered and how many games we have served. For that, we are thankful. But this isn’t a post about being thankful. This is a post about being humbled. And, in the last two weeks, I have learned that while I’m a good Wordament player… I am no match for the Internet!

Some of you are absolutely fantastic! You know who you are: robopuppycc, breezywendy, Vic, foubs, ayomikie, Russur, HoorayBeers, and hedish, to name a few… (and there are now many, many thousands of you!). Each and every one of you make this game so fun. It’s particularly fun to see a top player hop in at 0 score, 0 words and we’re like “Uh Oh… so and so is about to go RIGHT TO THE TOP!” and you DO!

I remember that just two short weeks ago, this game went live and my wife “scruff” was playing and she said: “Who’s Mark?”

“What?” I said?

“Who’s Mark?!? There’s someone in here!!!” and that began the new “You vs. the Internet” pace of life. We must’ve stayed up for 40 hours straight that first day watching each person join and play. I remember that scruff (who was pretty good at the time) would explicitly stop playing when she hit 17 words so that we didn’t just “own” in every game. We wanted it to feel fun!

Now, fast forward two weeks and we are wearing the nubs of our fingers off trying to keep up with the crazy good scores you folks are dialing in. A few of you are cheating. You know who you are. We also know who you are. Please get that out of your system, or leave. But for our best players that are legitimate (like those called out above and many, many more)… I am truly humbled. Game after game you clock in scores and word counts that boggle my brain!

Thank you. It’s so much fun in here! And we love having you in here… but, the last two weeks is just the beginning for Wordament… not the end. We’ve been listening to every piece of constructive feedback (and even all of the hurtful) and we have a lot of great stuff coming. Also, to the person that wonders “WTF is SADHU”:

Try: Bing.com and type: define SADHU. You will learn something. It means:

SADHU – noun
(Non-Christian Religions / Hinduism) a Hindu wandering holy man

Now, on to my call to action: We just pushed out an update to the game. It specifically says it’s a minor update. Should you get it?! Yes! Why? Because we are on the verge of unleashing real-time leaderboards. You asked for it, we listened, and we are delivering… first to the web, and soon to the phone. But, you need to upgrade. Only players on the latest build will qualify for our leaderboards. So, go to the Marketplace and hit Update. Even on a cellular data plan, we are a fast download. I can’t wait to try and keep up with you in the leaderboards.

See you online!

— Black Snapper, Engineer / Gamer, You vs. the Internet


About Wordament

Wordament is a fun and addictive word game from You vs. the Internet, a Microsoft Studio.
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